Designing and publishing video games is what we do.

Game Design

Our passion is wrapped up in building games that we would want to play. We all have ideas and things we like to see in games because we are gamers ourselves. So it wasn't that far of a stretch to start making something we are passionate about.

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Two games on Steam with one more on the way, we are constantly improving and learning. Weather it's a game we collaborated on with another company or our own original work. We put the same passion into both. Check us out on Steam

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Like any other product, video games live and die by marketing. If people don't know what products we have, they will never buy them. So we spend a little time every single day letting indie game fans know what we are up to. Hopefully we are reaching someone.

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Cornflower Corbin

Unreal Estate

More About Afterthought Games

When it comes down to it Afterthought Games is just a small group of guys that are out to do something they have passion for. Big thanks to all of our supportive families for being there for us while we chase our dream. It means the world to us.

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Hope you like our work as much as we enjoy doing it. Thanks for visiting our modest little site.

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